Welcome to SmartBinder!

Alchemy SmartBinder is the free, next generation lesson binder that captures data on student engagement and learning.  With SmartBinder teachers can create their own digital lessons, deliver interactive material to their students, and capture data on student engagement and mastery.

  • Teachers can build digital lessons by embedding videos, images, websites, documents, and files of any type into a digital website.  They can then easily add their own student directions, mastery questions, and surveys.

  • One-click website creation allows teachers to deliver their lesson material in class or at home in a clean and engaging interface that allows students to answer questions, show enjoyment and confusion with social buttons, or submit comments directly to the teacher.

  • Teachers capture a real-time data snapshot on their students’ engagement with lesson material, whether in-class or at-home.  Teachers can see where students spent their time, how they responded to questions, what materials they liked or were confused by, and any comments they had.  This ll helps teachers with their real-time and longer term classroom planning.

SmartBinder allows teachers to harness the digital age, making their lives easier and empowering them to improve student engagement and performance.  Create your free account today at alchemylearning.com!

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