Alchemy Learning in the News: October

ColourOnWhiteWe had a busy October with growing recognition of Alchemy SmartBinder, the free, cloud-based lesson binder for teachers to build, deliver, and capture data on digital lessons.  We saw some great reviews from the edtech community, the release of the SmartBinder Tutorial, and increasing involvement in the community.  Read more below:

SmartBinder Reviews!

  • Michael Karlin, of The Edtech Round-Up, gives Alchemy a thorough review and reports:  “Even in the Beta phase, SmartBinder is an outstanding tool.  If you use digital content in your classroom I highly recommend checking this site out as a way to organize and manage your lessons!”  See Karlin’s in-depth exploration of SmartBinder here.
  • Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers  dug into SmartBinder and writes:  “I created a sample course and lesson in Alchemy SmartBinder just to see if it is as easy to use as it appears to be. It took me just a minute or two to create my course and my first lesson.”  Read his full review here.
  • In Technology Tidbits, David Kapular, “highly recommends checking out Alchemy SmartBinder!!!”  For the full post, click here.
  • Vicki Davis, aka, Cool Cat Teacher, says of SmartBinder: “You flipped classroom pioneers out there will definitely want to give this a try.”  See her Tumbler post on SmartBinder here.
  • Finally, Alchemy was added to Edshelf and has already found its way into a dozen collections!  Check out the SmartBinder page and further user reviews here.

 Alchemy in the Community

What’s Ahead?

  • We’re excited for what’s coming as we approach  the release of SmartBinder Teams to public beta, which will allow teams of teachers to one-click share lessons and material, interact via a built-in discussion boards, and create lesson portfolios.
  • Additionally, we will see Maryland’s independent school teachers at the 2013 AIMS Annual Conference, to be held on November 4th in the Baltimore Convention Center.

Alchemy Learning, founded in 2012 in Baltimore, MD, creates cloud-based, data-driven learning & curriculum management tools for teachers and schools.  Alchemy recently released SmartBinder beta, the free, cloud-based lesson binder which allows teachers to build and deliver digital lessons and capture valuable feedback on student mastery and understanding.  SmartBinder Pro and and SmartBinder Teams are presently in private-beta. Create your free SmartBinder account and launch the new tutorial at

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