Alchemy in the News: November

Well, November flew by and jettisoned us into the Holiday Season!  ColourOnWhiteAlchemy’s SmartBinderFlip, the free, cloud-based lesson binder that helps teachers build, deliver, and capture data on digital lessons, continued to receive recognition and user adoption, and, in addition, we pushed some exciting new features to private beta!  Read more below:

More SmartBinder Reviews!

  • Alchemy’s SmartBinder Flip (beta), released this fall, was ranked #20 on the “Top 100 Educational Sites/Apps 2013” by David Kapular of Technology Tidbits and Tech & Learning!  Kapular writes that SmartBinder is “an excellent site for creating a digital lesson w/ any kind of content.  Once this lesson is created it can be shared w/ students via a URL and can be used to “flip a classroom.”  Check out the full list of 2013’s Top 100 edtech tools and sites here.
  • Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers  listed SmartBinder Flip as one of five online tools that help teachers align to Common Core.  He highlights SmartBinder’s Standard Mine that allows teachers to ‘drag-and-drop’ tag their lessons to Common Core or customizable standards.  Check out Byrne’s post here.
  • Finally, Future Teachers Learning Together, a product Elon University‘s education program reviewed SmartBinder Flip and reported that “thanks to the vast online resources that are out there for teachers, there is a way for teachers to create interactive lesson plans online,” and they “hope that you think Alchemy SmartBinder is as great a tool as [they] do!”  Read their full detailed review here.  We love feedback from emerging teachers so keep it coming!

 Alchemy in the News

  • As reported by citybizlist, Betamore and Alchemy Learning led a discussion on educational technology and web-based application development with a group of educators from the Ukraine.  The educators consisted of Open World-sponsored professors from the Ukrainian universities and were hosted in Baltimore by the World Trade Center Institute  Read more about the exchange here.
  • Alchemy travelled to the Baltimore Convention Center on November 4th for the 2014 AIMS Conference, which consisted of teachers and educators from AIMS’s 124 Maryland and Washington D.C. schools.  This year’s keynote speaker was Dr. David Eagleman, a Guggenheim fellow, NY Times Bestseller, and director of Laboratory for Perception and Action at theBaylor College of Medicine.  Eagleman’s research and keynote centered on the impact of unconscious neural functioning on learning.

What’s Ahead?

  • Following on the heels of the release of SmartBinder Collaborate to private beta for the fall semester, which builds upon SmartBinder Flip with robust curricular structure and teacher collaboration, we’re excited to announce the release of SmartBinder Engage to our pilots. SmartBinder Engage is seamlessly integrated with SmartBinder Collaborate, features student portals, and empower teachers with tools for assignment and assessment creation, delivery, grading, and management.  Next-up for private beta is SmartBinder Teams, seamlessly integrated portals for teams of faculty members to collaboratively manage shared resources!

Alchemy Learning, founded in 2012 in Baltimore, MD, creates cloud-based, data-driven learning & curriculum management tools for teachers and schools.  Alchemy recently released SmartBinder Flip (beta), the free, cloud-based lesson binder which allows teachers to build and deliver digital lessons and capture valuable feedback on class engagement and understanding. SmartBinder Collaborate, SmartBinder Engage, and SmartBinder Teams are presently in private-beta. Create your free SmartBinder Flip account and launch the new tutorial at

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