Alchemy in the News: Edsurge Summit Results!

EdSurge Tech Summit for Schools

Alchemy Learning was one of 30 national educational technology companies selected to take part in the second EdSurgeTech Summit for Schools, held in Baltimore, MD on February 22nd.  The Summit represented an opportunity for teachers to gain full access to participating companies’ edtech products, as well as give in-depth reviews and feedback.  We chose the summit as the ideal time to debut our premium product suite of tools in private beta, including SmartBinder CollaborateSmartBinder Engage, and SmartBinder Teams to the scrutinizing eyes of over 650 teachers of all grade and subject matter range.  Over 100 teachers gave in-depth feedback and reviews of the SmartBinder suite…and we were blown away by the reception!

To start, a full 90% of teachers reported that they would suggest that their school purchase SmartBinder products and 84% of teachers stated that they would individually pay for the premium suite! Additionally, teachers answered questions directly related to specific aspects of SmartBinder:

Finally, we were given some great comments on the SmartBinder suite that we wanted to share. Teachers wrote:

“You can do so much with this program.”
“It will definitely be worth the investment by the administration.”
“VERY easy to use.”
“I cannot think of something I would change.”
“The user interface was lovely.”

“The tiered pricing is perfect.”

While the Edsurge Summit participants might have gotten a ‘sneak peak’ at our premium tools, the entire teaching world can access the SmartBinder suite today!

Alchemy in the Community

We were thrilled to sponsor to two additional Edcamps in the Mid-Atlantic are by donating the door prizes (new Chromebooks) to bothEdcampARLINGTON and EdcampMetroDC.  Both events were well attended and explored such topics as “Un-Schools” (fitting for an “Un-Conference”!), Google Glass in Class, and Globally Connecting Classrooms.

Check out Alchemy Learning co-founders Henry Blue and Win Smith’s multi-post series on the onset of the digital instruction-era and the implications and benefits for classroom teachers.  The first post highlights the types of time-saving and efficiency-boosting web-based tools teachers are adopting, and the following week’s post examines the pedagogical approaches that are being innovated in the digital instruction age.

Finally, Alchemy would like to thank the teachers and administrators who stopped by our displays at the 2014 Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & and Conference (PETE&C) in Hershey, Pa, and the 2014 National Association of Independent Schools Conference in Orlando, Florida. Hopefully we’ll see you on the road at the next event!

Alchemy Learning, founded in 2012 in Baltimore, MD, creates cloud-based, data-driven learning & curriculum management tools for teachers, schools, and organizations. This past fall Alchemy released SmartBinder Flip (beta), the free, cloud-based lesson binder which allows teachers to build and deliver digital lessons and capture valuable feedback on class engagement and understanding. Our premium product suite consisting of SmartBinder CollaborateSmartBinder Engage, and SmartBinder Teams are now publicly available. Contact us today at

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