Alchemy Connect: SmartBinder Upgrades!

AlchemyLogoCropSummer is on the horizon, which means it’s time to experiment with lessons that will engage students through the final stretch, as well as to look forward to exciting professional development opportunities in coming months.  Below we take a look at some SmartBinder upgrades, summer workshop opportunities, and some embeddable tools and apps we’d recommend for all teachers and organizations capitalizing on digital education!

SmartBinder Upgrades!

CN Screenshot4

Mobile Lesson Viewer

All Alchemy SmartBinder- from free Flip users to Collaborate and Engage users- will experience three upgrades on their accounts today!:

  • Text Editor- The new text editor allows full formatting capabilities and image embedding for all Text material in lessons.
  • Embed Codes- You can now embed any web-based tool or site with a sufficiently secured embed code (think maps, timelines, storytelling apps, etc) directly into your Alchemy lesson viewer.
  • New Responsive Lesson Viewer Style- And check out our new and sleek looking lesson viewer (see right) that is responsive on all devices and phones!

Featured Cultural Institution: Civil War Trust

The Civil War Trust’s Summer Event – From July 17-20 in Atlanta, Georgia the Civil War Trust will host its 21st Teacher Institute. The event is four days full of workshops and tours led by historians and educators. Some special guests include Todd Groce, Jared Frederick, Vince Dooley and many more! Additionally, registration to the event is free for friends of Alchemy Learning when you registerwith this

In addition to free registration, there will also be free classroom materials, plentiful travel scholarships and free continuing education credits.

Civil War Trust

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In the Community

Building on earlier posts “What Digital Instructions Means for Teachers” Parts One and Two, Alchemy Learning co-founders Henry Blue and Win Smith have shared their perspectives on What Digital Instruction Means for School Leadership as well as Why Cultural Institutions Must Capitalize on Digital Education– check out the posts and your comments are appreciated!

Alchemy Learning, founded in 2012 in Baltimore, MD, provides cloud-based curriculum creation, management, and dissemination tools for cultural institutions, teachers, and schools.  To find out how your organization can do more with digital education, Contact us today at

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